02 January 2005

The l∅ckedinab∅x VideoblOG testcard

( quicktime movie, 530KB )

Here's the score. Above, in the blank space below the title of the post, is an inline frame. In the frame should be the linked word 'clickit!'. The page itself is hosted over at angelfire, where the video file is hosted. What should happen is that you click on the link and the video should load itself up and start playing in the space provided. If it doesn't then something has gone wrong. You can click here to go to the angelfire page and then click 'clickit!' where you can watch it on the page or right click save link as/save target as to save it to your hard drive. If anybody has any problems if you could leave me details of yr browser version, quicktime version and what does/doesn't happen in the comments I'd appreciate it.