17 May 2005


I want to
drop off
this precipice of thought
and plummit
through darkness shimmering
wrapped in sleep
drowning ethereal
so deep you can't see the light
ever climb out
never want to go back.

Let your lungs fill with this rainbow ocean
with patchwork opera
nonsense theatre
dirty fingers pulling strings tangled in self.

This self
that wants to dance
forever in the failing sunlight
pouring like smoke through these windows.

It makes more sense
than the clockwork life
the jigsaw waltz
travel guide for the living undead
if you call it living
spun snug in comfortable lies
forever smiling idiot glances
into the wardens eyes.

They'd bury you in a blink
if they knew about your truths
dug out from that private cacoon
nurtured in that darkness
floating on that ocean.

Shimmering with all those dreams
that you can't remember in the morning.