11 August 2003


shadows are negative people - reflecting actions
they are inside-outside-over-under
using low frequency sound you can get into somebody's mind
plant suggestions and ghosts
- i've seen it
this guy was walking down queen street with a definite target
then his eyes went blank, forgot what he was doing, where he was going
who he was
before going into a nearby corporate coffee house - ordered a Latte...
I'm sure I caught a glimpse of a shadow-figure
out of the corner of my eye, slipping a portable sound generator into the
inner recesses of himself...
I think he worked for Starbucks.

I want to cause riots using cassette recorders and Single Lens Reflex....
People are so malleable
putty minds
bend to whims
that they only think are their own
- saw this girl with punk-pigtails
she was so cute
wanted to take her home and discuss Burroughs over sex
Did I Say That Out Loud?

Cut up the dictionary into DIY subversion hand-book
- put it online
watched it sink beneath Masturbation and MP3
- should of done banner-exchange with midget porn and celebrity morgue.

Start off with direction and before you know it your wandering down
back streets of half-forgotten conversation and out-of-context sweet-nothings
tripping over first dates and lucid moments
in unconscious bliss
skipping over grey areas
and child-hood trauma
until reaching now.

© Adam Cheshire, 2002