28 May 2004

accessorise yr mind

I have recently come across a pharmaceutical called Ephedrine. I was told it was a derivative of caffeine, and it is, kinda. It's basically speed, derived from the plant Ephedra and is an FDA controlled substance, which probably means it's controlled over here too. I took 4 the other day (two then two more a few hours later) and it certainly got me buzzing. As with all pharmaceuticals caution is advised. This one, being a mild stimulant, especially messes with your cardio-vascular system. But do remember, as long as your sensible, no drug will fuck you up and kill you. You can try crack if you really wanna (meh) and never become hooked. You can try heroin too and as long as you don't do it regularly you won't become addicted. Of course, I don't recommend either (sensible, see?). Just remember, play safe and think for yourself.