09 June 2004

hulk SMASH!

Godamn motherfucking piece of shit iPod software! Fucked my system up and had to reboot to a previous config, and don't even get me started on iTunes - crufty junky over-sized piece of crap... You can't find the iPod software I just installed 5 minutes ago? What are you, RETARDED? You know, I expect this kind of shit from microsoft but I woulda thought Apple knew better.

Oh yeah, and apple, I got to admit the iPod is genius, but how dare you make me use your shit all in one software to stick music on MY ipod! You bitches better hurry up and release some APIs or I swear I will see Steve Jobs hanging from the highest tree.

And the Disney Channel - constantly pushing their brainwashing family-value christian BULLSHIT.

FUCK. I got a message for the BBC and ITV - you dickheads better pull your heads out of your asses and start doing decent programming again. No more makeover DIY/Garden/People shows, less of the reality tv, and more comedy and drama. You fuckers forget about your public service remit?


(shit... where'd I leave my valium?)