17 June 2004

Live from Toronto

I'm sat in the same internet centre Jennie has sat talking to me since she's been here. Toronto rocks in the upmost, feel so comfortable here, although the roads still kinda freak me out. Cars so polite they stop and don't honk angrily when you walk out infront of them.

I could so live here.

and I think I may cuz frankly the idea of staying in britain for the rest of my life is oh so depressing and I got that itch for movement and experience.

"I'm tired and hungover in Toronto. The air feels like electric syrup again leaving me sticky to the touch."

I went on a foolish spending spree yesterday whilst Jennie was in work and now i'm all out of frivilous purchases. Gotta watch them dollar and sense.

It's oh so nice to drink Jolt Cola again. They used to sell it in Cardiff for a short period, but the supply dried up for some unknown reason.

I'm gonna go surf for a bit cuz I haven't been online for at least 4 days. Will write some more about Toronto when I get back home.