07 July 2004

I have recently begun hanging out on the Generation Terrorists forum, which really ain't normal for me cuz usually I avoid forums like the plague. This one is kinda cool though, with some genuinely interesting threads, including an 'interesting links' thread....

So basically I figured I'd post some of these interesting links here.

© rob dobi 2004

New England Ruins is a collection of photographs of abandoned buildings in New England (naturally) taken by photographer Rob Dobi.

I love Abandoned buildings and have made it my business to gain access to a number of them here in Cardiff, you know, in the spirit of exploration. I've always wanted to take a series of photographs from inside them but have never gotten around to it due to the abundance of slack floating around my brain. These ones are exceedingly cool and well done, caputuring the spooky ambience perfectly, contrasting light and shadow, blah blah blah. Just go check them out, huh?

( props to DanSRose for the link )