23 July 2004

please do excuse me while I mess with the blogger banner ad...

Chickens floating on the great lakes! midgets fucking in the back of classic automobiles, listening to the doobie brothers through Bang & Olsen speakers reaching climax like mad dogs looking to forget.

All natural Sex aids, for the naturally shy, hanging in pristeen bedrooms full of Olsen Twin posters. They're two of a kind, they are. Two little corporate whores driving consumers to frenzies of impulse buying with promises of no-longer-jailbait illicitness.

(Christ, I feel like a beat poet doing stream of conciousness... where's my saxophone intermissions?)

Swimming in olympic pools full of Jolt cola. Finding love and romance in the self-help sections of bookshops

(Seriously, this could totally be a Fugs track...)

Pagan trickets falling through letter boxes. Learn to cook in fastfood kitchens...

( On a slightly more serious note, this idea could be turned into something cool. You could write short-stories that mess with the blogger banner ad. You could have competitions to see who can get the oddest results showing up at the top of their blogs! Oops, I forget to mention hiphop and the word urban, those are always dead obvious ones...)

Hip Hop serenades at 50,000 feet. Urban sales pitch always gets mad props on MTV.