23 August 2004

all quiet on the western front

sorry for the lack of posting. I gotta admit, the bug in the template, or in the blogger publishing server software, is really pissing me off. Heard an early mix of 'everyone's an asshole' yesterday, but chris still needs to boost the vocals some more, so it won't be posted on here for a couple more days.

It's really cool being in a creative partnership where you do the least amount of work. Sure, I'd love to dirty my hands writing some music but that's a long way off from happening and besides, I like being front-person and word writer, and being able to say things like "You know chris, some distored guitars would go really well with your dance hall/dub reggae sound."

A few ideas floating around my head. A story and some images for a film I started thinking about before I even started on my course kinda unfolded in my head after I'd gotten up, which was nice. Now the progtagonist has a fuck buddy/girlfriend and keeps finding mysterious messages in his notepad that are enigmatic clues or directions to meet somewhere, and there's going to be an esteemed pyschologist/narrator type, you know, just for kicks, and different levels of reality...

I think one of the tumours in my brain (not a real tumour you understand, but a metaphorical one - if I had a real tumour I wouldn't waste my time moping, I'd be ingesting every substance I could get my hands on and writing an awful lot, probably to be posted post-humourously as a blog, but anyway...) is down to the gap between thinking up stuff and doing it. I really am a terrible procrastinator. I have two short films to write, another one to tighten up and shoot, and two features to flesh out over the next couple of years, and I really need to get down to it. Think I might start setting myself excercises and seeing how long I can keep it going. I predict a couple of days maximum, but you have to try, right?

Been pondering standup comedy recently. You might not know it, but I'm a pretty funny guy, in a strange kind of way. I might throw together some material and make an arse of myself in front of everybody in the uni bar. At the very least I'll get a couple of drinks out of it. Maybe post extracts of stuff on here. Maybe.

oh gawd, I have to gain some kind of employment too.

Yes, most definately time to grab myself by the bootstraps and throw myself down the road. Time to get productive. Time to write, time to flesh, time to perform, time to start leaving the house a little more often. Time to bury all my neuroses and social paranoia under a big fucking rock and enter the arena of the productive artist.


[ this motivational speech was brought to you by the "fucked up creative types need shiny things too!" foundation, in association with Manufactured Consent Inc. ]