04 August 2004

noooo!!! everything is doing that wobbly sinewave thing again....

I used to read wired magazine when I was a kid, like, from the age of 13 (Yep, I really was that much ahead of the loop). Hell, I think I've even got some issues of the short lived UK edition lying around in a box somewhere, but I stopped, because, as a magazine, it is extremely flawed. And when I say flawed I mean containing more adverts than articles.

But of course wired has been online forever, but I still don't read it. Sure, I check out Bruce Sterling's blog every now and again, and slashdot will link to an article on there, or boingboing, or someone else, but generally I'd don't really bother. There are other less commercial places to get yr slice of the technoliculture pie, you know?

Well, I've started messing around with agregators more than I was, as you do. I've just recently install3d firefox, upgrading from mozilla 1.7 (i think, don't quote me or anything), along with the Sage in-line aggregator. If you haven't checked out firefox yet please do. It's opensource and fan-fucking-tastic. I feel like I'm browsing the web in some kind of futuristic spacecraft. So, I export mah feeds from Amphetadesk into sage, use syndic8 to find some more, including the wired news feed.

so I'm now kinda reading wired again, and I'm clicking through the articles, and I load up this one, and the location for the reporter (one Robert Andrews) says Cardiff, Wales and I'm like "Really? Wow. That's kinda cool. I wonder if I could track him down and... steal his bike or something."

The article was on guerrila gigging, and the role of technology in amassing hoardes of fans at a moments notice. Excellent stuff. Even more excellent that just last night I was talking to Jack about forming a band with him and Chris, finally fufilling that life long ambition of being a lead singer in a punk band, just like every of adolecent male in the universe, but goddammit! I have talent! I have a great punk singing voice! I can write lyrics!

I just can't play shit...