19 August 2004

seedkill (band)

me and Chris have joined forces as a song writing duo,
who I've tentatively named seedkill, because it popped into my head and sounded cool.
here is our first song (mp3) together as an early mix, sans lyrics, which appear below:

Everyone's an Asshole

music:Chris Evans/lyrics:Adam Cheshire

Look at all the piggies
flying in the sky
chasing after townies
nobody knows why
maybe it's the joyride
maybe it's the crack
maybe it's the hand gun
they got in the back.

Some townies are arseholes
most townies are assholes
all townies are assholes
not all townies are arseholes

look at all the moshers
running round and round
drinking lots of cider
falling on the ground
some of them are poseurs
some of them are not
some of them are crazy
most of them are fucked

Some moshers are arseholes
most moshers are assholes
all moshers are assholes
not all moshers are assholes

stupid fucking people
buying all the time
stupid little nic-nacs
to enrich their lives
do yourself a favour
buy yourself a clue
stop watching the tv
it's hypnotising you

Some people are assholes
most people are assholes
everyone's an asshole
everyone's an asshole.