17 November 2004

If you don't know about the grey album you haven't been paying enough attension

DangerMouse's mashup of the beatles White Album and Jay-Z's retirement disk The Black Album is, without a doubt, a thing of sheer awesomeness ( download the grey album here ). It validated the whole mashup concept, showing it can be as much a musical artform as a brief novelty. Over at Boing Boing, SF writer and e-book advocate Cory Doctorow calls it the most important album of the 21st century so far, and I'd have to agree. I saw DangerMouse down the pier with MC Prince Po. When I spoke to him afterwards and asked him why he didn't play anything off the grey album he said he was mainly here to help promote his labelmate Prince Po (whose album The Slickness had DangerMouse doing some producing duties) , whose EP/Demo I brought at the time (which features loads of cool Spike Lee samples) and who I think deserves a closer look than he's getting. NY hip-hop 0wnZ J∅∅.

Anyway, There's now a mashup video of encore off of the grey album, featuring the beatles hard day's night and some very clever tweaking. It's way cool and you gotta see it. Either go to the site with the video embeded in it here or you can use this handy direct download link I snarfed using my amazing skill to a large format WMV file (right click it, baby!)