22 November 2004

Spike Lee talks about guerilla filmmaking vs film school and the demise of the renaissance in black cinema (AKA People Run in Circles)

It's a mad world.

Our character study is due in on thursday, and we start shooting our realist film on friday. I've pretty much finished the script for the character study but we only have two days to sort it all out. I've assembled everything I can think of that we need, including a BB gun that looks like a desert eagle or something. Thoughts are colliding in my head fighting for attension whilst my mind fails to sort them out into some kind of coherent order. This is most definately film making on a guerilla tip and I gotta admit, it's a buzz. Stressful and worrying though.


whilst looking around on google for DIY film makeup tips I came across a short interview with Spike Lee from 1999. Enjoy.