30 December 2004

return of the magic roundabout

They are making a feature leangth CGI film of The Magic Roundabout ( not to be confused with Dougal and The Blue Cat ), with Zebedee as the bad guy. They are systematically trying to destroy my childhood memories. When I say childhood, I actually mean a couple of years ago when you could watch the magic roundabout from 2am till 5 on the cartoon network, and I would after staggering home from a club; spun out, drunk and stoned.

This is such a bad idea I think I may vomit.

If you don't know about the magic roundabout let me enlighten you: based on a french political satire cartoon called Le Manège Enchanté, the BBC got their mitts on it and it was rewritten and narrated by Eric Thompson, not from the french scripts, but simply from the way he felt the pictures were telling him various stories. ( In the industry this is called "Using your Imagination" or "making it up as I go along" )

This was the sixties and rumours then started flying around that the magic roundabout was all about drugs, which probably wasn't true, but considering the show was a reinterpretation from a french poltical satire cartoon I'd say whatever it is you see is what you get (i.e. 'if you see it there it must be true!' otherwise known as an 'alternative reading' in academic savvy). Dylan the rabbit as a stoner, hyperactive dougal on charley, Zebedee the magickal spring was obviously on acid, and that little girl? She was the sugarman, baby, she hooked them all up, she kept their supply flowing. Why you think she kept bringing Dougal all those sugarcubes? She be the connection in the whimsical forest, bruv, I'm tellin' you!

Yeah, well.

Then in the 80s channel 4 brought a bunch of Le Manège Enchanté and had Nigel Planer reinterpret/narrate the episodes called The New Magic Roundabout. These episodes I think probably did play on the whole so-called drug connection and I definately remember one involving mushrooms and different coloured realities.

read more yourself if you want. I ain't the woman in the children's section of the library, you know.

Anyway, this is a motherfucking travesty. How the fuck could they? The person responsible should be SHOT. Gone will be the ambiguity and randomness and innocence! Bring in some bullshit good vs. evil plot involving diamonds and there goes your cult credibility. Fuck, what are they trying to do? It's sheer insanity!

Oh well, probably too late to stop them now...