09 February 2005

pay attension, Lamestain...

This is a list of grunge slang fed to a New York Times reporter by Sub Pop publicist Megan Jasper and which was printed in the 15th november 1992 edition of the paper. Unknown to the reporter, Jasper was making all this shit up on the spot. I've definately heard 'Harsh Realm' and 'Swingin' on the flippity-flop' in a couple of shitty youth orientated hollywood films of the time. I love a good hoax... ^_^

Wack slacks: Old ripped jeans
Fuzz: Heavy woool sweaters
Plats: platform shoes
Kickers: Heavy boots
Swingin' on the flippity-flop: Hanging out
Bound-and-hagged: Staying home on Friday or Saturday night
Score: Great
Harsh Realm: Bummer
Cob Nobbler: Loser
Dish: Desirable guy
Bloated, big bag of bloatation: Drunk
Lamestain: Uncool person
Tom-tom club: Uncool outsiders
Rock on: A happy goodbye

And the moral of the story? Never trust anything anyone from Sub Pop tells you. You wouldn't believe how often people fail to heed this moral. What a Tom-tom club.

Someday I may post the small list of slang me and Harriet have devised over the years of our friendship, taken exclusively from song lyrics.

source: pg 148 & 162 of Chris Tuner's Planet Simpson