16 February 2005

Super Size Me wins writers' award


If you didn't know, documentary films are rilly quite popular these days. On a related note, the documentary film and tv course they started at my uni the year I started film and video (I think, don't quote me on that) looks totally awesome. I was speaking to a couple of first years in the bar recently who are on the course and I was asking them about their assignments. One assignment involved picking a card with a word at random, and then having to make a film based around that word. If that ain't a coolasfuck assignment I don't know what is. Chris Morris, the guy who runs the course and who gave us film and video lot a module on documentary in the first year, is also exeedingly cool, a man of great pathos and sensitivity (hey, I notice these things, okay?), and is the maker of such neat little docs as 'Does Prayer Work?' and some others that allude me. Man, I hate people who don't have an online presence! What is this, 1991?

anyway, I've just emailed the guy so hopefully a link will be coming soon.