02 February 2005

this is not my favourite trip


Lots of bloggy posty writing things I should write floating around in my head, but they ain't going here now cuz I've just got up. First lectures yesterday, had a really good day. Was well surprised. Nearly didn't make it due to gratuitous drinking the night before and I spent the whole day feeling ill.

anyway, fuck all that.

still on wake up coffee. Am gonna miss lecture/screening on sound/eraserhead which starts in 46 minutes. Didn't realise both sisters were in bed so blasting The Queen is Dead rilly loud seemed like a good idea. Oops. My sisters negativity towards me I realise affects me a whole lot, in a negative way. If I want to be the person I know I truely am and can be then I'm gonna have to get away for it.

Okay, will stop now. I have lots of interesting things to say, but not in this post.