20 February 2005

whitehouse reporter was republican mole to ask easy questions at differcult press conferences

" 'The idea of having a mole in the White House press corp is amazing, but that's what it looks like,' said Jack Lule, a journalism professor at Lehigh University. "

Oh please, what a bunch of retards! Anyone with half a brain and any knowledge of the Bushs' shady nature could of seen this coming a mile off. Now they're acting like it's a complete and utter shock, like the starved and beaten sacred cow of journalism is finally starting to show signs of BSE or something. I just feel like rolling my eyes for like 5 hours. I remember going to a anti-war rally in London, after the war had started, the streets devoid of cars and full of people all coming together to protest the war on iraq and America in general. Walking along the streets with Hari feeling very surreal I remember thinking to myself;

"There are no fucking weapons of mass destruction, this war is unjust and this is not going to make any difference. The government does not listen to the people, the government just does what it likes and then finds a way to justify its self to the public, and most of the time the public don't even flutter an eyelid, and even if they do it's all gets drowned under media frenzies and orgies of spin and apathy. What's the point? The world will self-destruct within ten years anyway. Global Warming, or a pandemic, or idiots with itchy fingers on buttons, or fundamentalism, or cancer, or mass-hysteria... Why not just sit back and enjoy the show? This sick human pantomime in which not even recoiling in disgust can save you from being a player."

It was a very cynical time for me, a time from which escape seemed impossible. There didn't seem like any other valid way to feel. Of course, now I'm a little more chilled, a little less jaded, and alot more happy. The trip to london wasn't all in vein. I managed to smoke a spliff in broad day light in trefalger square, which has to rate as a pretty cool place to have a toke.