25 March 2005

Charlotte Bronte was a repressed genius, filthy midget ho!

Wherein the reader shall discern the true nature of Charlotte Bronte and discover the disservice a biographer can impart on its subject.

I gotta say, the desire to read Charlotte Bronte has been brewing at the back of my head for a while and after reading this I think I may just have to go down to my friendly neighbourhood secondhand bookshop and partake of some Jane Eyre. We studyied Jane Austen in college (Pride and Prejudice) and although her writing is all terribly witty and dry it lacks any real substance in my opinion. I'm hoping Bronte will give me better substanance.

I'm currently delving my way through Foucault's 'History of Sexuality' for the purposes of an essay wherein I hope to combine it and the film Secretary into somekind of insightful whole. It's all a bit hit and miss but if all else fails I have a pyschology Ph.d friend of mine who knows the theorist inside out and whom I sure will point me in the right direction. If I was doing English Literature the essay would surely be on Bronte viewed through a Foucault lens.