19 May 2005

bishops are chess pieces

bishops are chess pieces
malta is a sports car
mothers are found inside computers
the houses of parliament are chess pieces
clever people are often found inside books
brothers are bought in shops
dirigibles are made of cars
carton is a sports wear
nuns often marry in america
america is made of chess pieces
chess is books
clever people often marry bishops
brothers are found on book shelves
little girls are bought in shops
shops are mostly made in michigan
little girls are tools
books are bought in bookmaker shops
michigan is a food store
dollars are made of cartons
cartons are made of cars
chess is a war criminal
spain is a part of people
spain often roams around looking for food
food lives inside libraries
brothers are people
little girls are clothes
michigan is a part of texas
shoes live inside carton boxes
carton boxes are people
people live in michigan
michigan is made of bishops
bishops are people
dirigibles are war criminals
little girls can be found inside dirigibles
dirigibles are parliament
parliament lives inside a toolbox
parliament is made of animals
animals are people
animals often roam around looking for food
food is made of shoes
shoes are a part of texas
shoes are people

© Sacha Karaulov 2005