10 June 2005

things is getting hairy

Awwww, maaaaaaaan.

This intellectual property/thought thieves microsoft short project is spiraling out of control. I just wanted to give Micro$oft the finger over what I considered to be an exercise in propaganda on their part, to do a quick little project to flex my filmmaking stuff. Now I'm faced with big ass concepts such as the origins of ideas and Zen Big Mind. Suddenly, in my head, this is becoming less a rebelious, kinda-juevinile 'fuck you' and more of a serious idea for a big, interesting project. Thing is, I got other shit to do. Gotta adapt Soma to film. Gotta figure out both story, structure and how to shoot my flykilling slapstick thing. Gotta meet up with Tim and not only figure out our 3rd year project, but also throw together some quick and dirty guerilla short ideas. I need money, so I need a job. I have real trouble focusing as it is. What the fuck do I do? My brain is doing gymnastics in my skull.

Breathe, motherfucker, breathe.

Right, Just talked to Tim. I got some serious research to be doing. I think my plan of working on my thought thieves project tommorrow at grassroots has gone out the window. Fuck, maybe I'm not even going to do it anymore. I got bigger fish to assimilate.

Man, I gotta focus, prioritize. this is like thinking outloud live onto the net. This reminds me of how I first used to feel about blogging. Confusing, sure, but it kinda makes sense in my head.

Stay Tuned!