01 July 2005

It's just like being there, yo

I've spent a wasted late-morning/early-afternoon looking around Toronto on google maps. Marked here in the bottom left hand corner is the shop Jennie was working in, whilst directly diagonal-up right is the park Where I used to chill, watching skaters skate and dealers deal, whilst writing and reading the free weeklies. Here's a satellite picture of the area where jennie's apartment was, featuring another park I chilled in whilst writing, this time watching a soccer mom type barely power-walking around the circuit (They sure did like their exercise in Rosedale) and drinking vanilla bicardi and coke out of a small coke bottle. Profoundly interesting or pathlogically dull? Well, I guess it depends on your perspective.

And now I must leap in to some kind of action, for it shall not do to procrastinate my day away on the web.

up! up! and away!