12 August 2005

Big sky mind

this **** is not for you, it's for my production group cronies. Feel free to read it though.

Three young people in their early twenties, two guys and a woman, are sat in the non-smoking section of a pub in PENARTH, talking over drinks. There are books on the table. They are discussing many things, ranging from the deeply ridiculous to the ridiculously deep. Amongst the topics are existential thought, the simpsons, creativity and the origin of ideas, as well as the futility of humanity and the concept of sub culture. In the middle of the conversation one of the men sparks up a rollie. A well dressed man in his late twenties from the next table over objects.

ASSHOLE: Excuse me, do you mind?

DUDE (in mid puff): Huh?

ASSHOLE: Can you read?

DUDE (sarcastically): no, I’m illiterate. I just carry books around with me to look clever.

ASSHOLE (sanctimoniously): I beg your pardon?

DUDE (sarcastically): Beg all you like mate, you ain’t getting it.

ASSHOLE: This is the non-smoking section.

DUDE (genuinely surprised): it is?

ASSHOLE: see that sign over there? It says “no smoking”!

ASSHOLE points to a small sign in welsh.

DUDE: You mean that little sign over there in welsh?


DUDE: sorry man, I can’t read welsh.

ASSHOLE: Well it says “NO SMOKING”! Would you kindly put it out?

DUDE (being difficult): Well, it can’t mean me, cuz I don’t understand welsh.

ASSHOLE: It applies to everyone!

DUDE: so why is it in welsh?

ASSHOLE: Listen, you little English prick, just because your ignorant of the welsh language doesn’t mean you can ignore signs clearly…

DUDE (angry): Listen, buddy, I ain’t English, I’m welsh. I’ve lived here all my life. My dad may be English, but my mam is welsh. Now, just because a small population of the public in south wales are determined to rescue our dying language from obscurity does not give you the right to be a sanctimonious asshole just because I don’t speak the lingo. If you love the welsh language so much why don’t you move west or north, you uptight middle class motherf***er!

By this point DUDE’S friends are getting a anxious over his antagonistic behaviour.



By this point DUDE’S friends are preparing to leave, dragging DUDE with them.

DUDE: don’t kid yourself man! If your still alive in ten years time you’ll wish you weren’t! this planet is fscked man! Fscked! Earth is getting ready to shrug humanity off like a bad case of fleas… YOU 5HIT EATING CnT FACED MOTHERF!

Woman: Let’s get the puck out of here before they kick us out.

The three of them exit the pub. They walk along the street.

Guy: Man, why you always gotta be so antagonistic? Why you gotta cause grief?

Dude: Hey, conflict keeps things interesting. You’d be bored without it.

(this is a meta-reference to the role of conflict in film. DUDE represents an agent of change, as it were.)

From here the film can wander wherever it likes. It can begin to follow new characters or continue along with these guys. For example, they could pass a mother a son and the camera begins to follow them. The son can be playing with a rubix cube, but instead of doing it normally, he could be doing alternate-colours. The mother can scold him for this, telling him this is not the correct way to do it. This is a reference to something I read in THE ART OF CREATION, that honking old book I got from Newport library. Either way I think the film should come back to these three characters at the end, with them sat on penarth beach. The dialogue can focus on the role of the sea as metaphor for conciousness, tying into the zen concept of big sky mind, and where ideas come from.

Just some thoughts.