27 September 2005

where does all the time go?

Fuck me, has it really been that long since I last posted anything on here? Bad blogger... Baaaad blogger! Fairdos, I am still settling in, and uni started yesterday, plus I've been working on some stuff for the Newpart website and smoking alot of weed. I now have people other than myself asking me to write stuff, which is nice. Nice to feel like I'm contributing outside of this little den of inequity, y'know? Excuse, excuses... Been laying down some ideas with my production group for our final film. At the moment we're doing this conspiracy thing around an actual cure and prevention for cancer (B17 vitamin) that has been scientifically proven to regress tumours and the alchemist paracelsus, who is seen very much as a pioneer. We've knocked up a basic premise (That'll be like a paragraph describing the film that usually ends in a question, y'know?) but it needs developing. As soon as I have anything approaching the final product you'll be the first to know. Well, nearly, anyway. Maybe the third or forth person to know, cuz you always bump into people and they wanna know what your up to so you launch into your little pitch and all that shit.

Well, I'd love to rattle on, and I have had some good ideas for posts over the past couple of weeks, but I'd like to do a little surfing before my lecture. Those posts will no-doubt materialise but I haven't had a notepad on me so I'll have to wait for them to resurface in my brain. In the meantime, enjoy the above thing I wrote for Newpart.