17 October 2005

Mare * Ril * Lee we Lark * A * Booot...

blah, motherfucker, blah! I'm back, baby, Full up with mischieviousness and naughty juice, to press all the buttons, generally put myself about and have a j0lly g00d l4rk.

Damn skippy!

I've been without a monitor for weeks now, nothing but darkness and fizz comin' out my VDU, but I'm back on track now, kinda, will be, soon. Promise.

So much has happened, there's so much to talk about. I guess I can only really give you a brief rundown right now, because I still need to go to the library before lectures start at 10.

Basically, my world weary apathy is being worn away by my desire to stir things up and cause a little trouble; politically, as it were.

Right, got a schedule to keep to (I told myself I'd go to the library). For now, why not check out The Situationists and the clown army.