05 January 2006

geez, I dunno what you people must be thinking. I've been at home for christmas for a while, staring at my poor, unupdated blog, feeling well guilty that I've let things get this bad. Truth of the matter is I just got sick of blogging in public internet spots with annoying censorware. I've also decided that blogging requires a certain level of comfort that you simply cannot reach in a fucking library. I still feel bad though. I'm not going to make any declarative statements about what will happen here in the future, whether I will continue to update sporadically, letting this place fester for months at a time, or whether I shall just closeup shop and forget about the whole thing. For now let's just say that l∅ckedinab∅x ain't going anywhere, despite the fact it looks like a piece of shit in Internet Explorer, and will continue to be updated in a haphazard and lazy fashion. I might be wrong. There might be an explosion of posts. But who knows? At least with RSS you can quickly check if there is anything new here.

That said, to the people who do still come here, I gotta thankyou for yr patronage. Your loyalty will be rewarded, probably with some photographs and poetry. My newyears resolution is to write alot more in a stream of consciousnessish fashion. I should probably take more pictures too.

That said and done, here's a little aggregation for the new year; whatever happened to the 40 odd people who were once members of The mighty Fall?

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