26 January 2006

No-wave cinema linkage

As part of my dissertation (which is on something like the cross-over between counter-culture and cinema) I'm looking at No-Wave cinema. Now, I'm a huge punk, and paticularly post-punk, fan, so it's always cool to learn that the 'movement' had a cinematic influence as well as a musical one. Even better though, is that the 70s/80s artform spawned Jim Jarmusch, which means I get to write about him! Yay!

Anyway, here's some research linkage.

No-wave exhibition review
wikipedia entry
Amos Poe homepage
Jim Jarmusch fan page
Jim Jarmusch IMDB page
No-wave cinema article over at the remododernist
Lydia Lunch interview from when she was introducing a no-wave cinema festival in austrailia

Cinema of Transgression
cinema of transgression at wikipedia
short Nick Zedd biography with a few links
Nick Zedd related posts over at frameworks (avant-garde/experimental cinema mailing list) archive

Jack Sargeant homepage
Jack Sargeant interview