12 April 2006

free acoustic cover music for all you lovely lovely people

I've been telling my friend Chris for AAAAAAgEs that I was gonna set up a page for him and upload all his fabulously folksy/reggaesy music onto the wurld wide wib for the whole world to enjoy and have I? Hell no! I'm much more of an idea person than an action person, something that I need to remedy if I'm ever gonna live my dream of achieving my many goals. Anyways, Chris is back in the 'dam again, probably the only place he comes close to true happiness, and emailed me the other day asking if I'd rip some tracks of his and send them to him.

Before he left for the netherlands Chris was working on some fabulous acoustic covers of none acoustic music. He also gave me copies of all the stuff he'd been working on the past couple of years (even though he'd given my copies before and I'd lost them) including these covers. They really are pretty good and now I've stuck them online for chris to get at I can share them with all you fabulous people! Ain't that neat? They're up on the free file hosting site GimeHost.

Glory Box (Portishead)

Teardrops (Massive Attack)

a reworked mozart piece

I dunno how he wants these licenced so let's just say they're © Chris ab Alun 2006 (and obviously the relevant copyright holders too!) with creative commons pretentions shall we?

I should probably be hyping these up more as I said I'd act as his half-arsed promoter, but I can't even be half-arsed right now. :P