25 March 2007

justin.tv feeds himself onto the web

Been on the hunt for rss feeds all day, trying to be select, hunting out things that I can feed back into this blog-head-life
don't wanna be bloated with infoandshitcathoderetinaburnt images floating like ghosts across my vision.
Before I spin off into a css-fueled typographical stoner haze
I gotta tell you about this site I found over linked at Laughing Squid;;;;

"4 days ago Justin Kan started wearing a head-mounted video camera, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can tune in at justin.tv anytime and see a realtime video stream."

So Justin shoots the neverendingPOVshot (with the odd switch to a more objective angle) that is his life and streams it onto his website. Whaddamean it's boring? It's an experiment dude, don't be such a narrative snob. Its not like we've got Hollywood scriptdoctors in our heads to edit our lives down into its most gripping and visceral moments. He's doing a phone interview right now, trying to convince this guy that he came up with the idea independently, before sitting down with his friends to watch EDTV and realising that they'd be viewed as copycats. Now he's talking about sponsorship and making the technology they hacked together to pull this off available to everyone. There's a chatbox on the site. Think I might say hi.

I guess EdTv and The Truman Show had it wrong then. We'd much rather transmit ourselves live into the mediaether and bypass the traditional route completely.