25 March 2007

what's n∅∅?

Oh the madness. No sooner had I started messing around with my template for the relaunch do I realise that alot of the new blogger features require a template upgrade. Well, I've finally done it, which means things aren't quite the way they should be, but also means that there are a number of new features on l∅ckedinab∅x.

The first, and least obvious, is the addition of the haloscan trackback system, which will hopefully help with the integration of this blog into the rest of the blogosphere.

The other two additions are a little more obvious.

There is now a little podcast-type widget in the sidebar. Basically, I can upload mp3s onto the Tunefeed website and have them play here. This gives me the opportunity to play DJ. The playlist will change on a semi-regular basis. Right now I've got some tunes lined up from my forthcoming DJ set and I'm considering having it echo what is played at safeasmilk, so that even if people are unable to attend they can still get their musical fix. Right now its just things from the DJ sets, but hopefully soon recordings of the live performances will be available.

I am becoming increasingly concerned about my reliance on google for my online existence. First google buy blogger, then I get sick of both my hotmail and my ntlworld accounts leading me to set up a googlemail account. Now I've added a little RSS widget that feeds you links from my Google Reader shares. My only excuse is that I wanted to get back into RSS but didn't want to install any extra software on my bloated and shambolic PC. Plus, there is the joys of transparency and integration.

Why do I get the feeling that all this google-reliance is going to eventually shoot me in the foot?