07 April 2007

still in the abyss...

...that is my netless existence. Right now my sister is down from uni placement so I'm on her laptop leeching a neighbours wifi conection. Is typical, no? Just when I'm starting to build up traffic to this site again with regular updates the powers that be decide to cut our broadband.

Anyway, some news.

The first safe as milk will take place on the 23rd of April. Thanks to Chas at Grassroots (and of Cardiff band Captain Paranoid and the Delusions) for help pulling the flier together. Your lightnin' freehand/photoshop skillz certainly sped up the process. Got some pretty talented people playing live acoustic stuff, plus some poetry from yours truely and this guy, some eclectic DJ sets, and open mic slots for those with the cojones to get up themselves. It promises to be a pretty cool night, with a possible afterparty for the faithful, so if yr in the cardiff area come on down and enjoy the new smokefree enviroment.

Speaking of the smoking ban, I'm thinking about writing a lil piece on it from the aftermath perspective, as well as issuing a call to arms to the smokers of Wales. Maybe.

Also on the gonzojournalistical agenda of writing is a forthcoming article on the sociological influence of hair, complete with half-arsed academic referencing, to coincide with my drastic new cut. Long story short: It was my mother's 50th birthday and I thought it would make a neat present, and it did. Now there is pressure to keep it at this length. This remains to be seen.

Gotta run now. Sister demanding laptop back.