12 May 2007

safeasmilk severely wounded in drive by shooting...

SafeAsMilk has become the latest victim in the silent culture wars of Cardiff.

The myopic yuppie-owner of ashotinthedark was the one who did the deed, shooting safeasmilk 15 times in the back. He left the night for dead, in a pool of its own blood, before driving off in his black BMW laughing maniacally.

The open mic night is currently recouperating in Accident and Emergency. A spokeswoman for the event made a statement early this morning;

"We are shocked and disgusted by the actions of the owner of 'a shot in the dark', but are not entirely surprised by his lack of a back bone. SafeAsMilk will return after a brief recouperation period and has sworn bloody revenge, although this may of been fuelled by his current morphine delirium. However, SafeAsMilk would like to offer its friendship to the manager, Teddy, who has been extremely helpful it getting things started."

safeasmilk is on haitus until a suitable venue can be found.