29 January 2008

goodmorningsun shine

why would i be up at this hour? it's insanity, i tell you! I blame the coffee, back on the french press be I, dictum of taste. Just gotta watch out for teh heart murmers. History of heart disease in the family. If i mix the coffee with olive oil i reckon i'll be okay.

Still, been far too unproductive since christmas, getting by on fumes of dearly departed all-encompassing bubbles of conjoined bliss. Just kidding myself really. Time to fix up. Look sharp. Finish what i've started. Begin what has yet to be. This town can crawl up under your skin and make a mockery of your aspirations. Who knows what sickness lurks beneath the crust. Gotta keep the motor ticking, revving against oblivion. No time to let complacency get too comfortable. Gotta be the heart of this operation, tilterwhirl freespirit, gotta keep the wonder going. Routine dulls the mind.