28 May 2004

it's another blog post about Friends!!!!

Wow. So much fuss about the end of a sitcom.

I like friends. It makes me laugh. What could be better than watching a bunch of neurotic losers in new york city try and live life?

But jesus, it's just a fucking sitcom!

I like it when shows end. I like it better when shows end before they've worn out their welcome, when the inspiration and genius is still there, and the programme hasn't been reduced to paint-by-numbers script writing. For example, Red Dwarf. I fucking love Red Dwarf, watched it all my life, but it really should of ended at series 6, before things got lame. Series 7 was dire, and to be honest I didn't watch much of series 8. I shudder to think what the movie is going to be like.

Friends gets repeated ad-nauseum in the UK on E4. They have the tendency to show episode after episode, and now the series is over this has become even more frequent. It's convenient, you know? You wanna sit down watch a little TV but you don't wanna surf around and end up watching crap? You can always stick it on E4 and watch a couple of episodes of friends. Perfect afternoon viewing.

But I'm not one of these people who watch the new episodes every week. What's the point? Your only gonna catch it re-run anyway. Plus, it shows at inconvenient times when I should be out getting wasted with my friends.

The last episode airs tonight on E4 at 10PM. If I don't make plans I'm gonna end up watching it and I really don't wanna. These things are so predictable, plus everybody already knows what's gonna happen. Booooring.

And it's only gonna get repeated ad-nauseum on E4 anyway.