28 May 2004

man, I spend far too much time blogging. I get up at a time I don't even want to be up at (anytime before 12 really) and I go straight to the computer, surf around, blog anything I've got in my head or thought about the night before, anything I've written, look around for anything interesting online, and then my day usually continues like that. It's not as if I have no life or friends, I do, but sometimes I really don't feel like leaving the house. Also, sometimes blogging is alot more interesting and fun than anything else I could be doing.

My friend and fellow student film-maker, Rui Rosa, is going back to portugal for the summer. Of course, I couldn't let him go back without some kind of session, so I roused Tim (which involved going to campus and knocking on his door, because he's having trouble with his laptop and has lost the mobile I had the number for) and arranged with Rui to meet in Newport town (in a pub called the melinger). On our way there we picked up an extra person who was supposed to be going to see Van Helsing with people but had changed her mind (I really don't blame her). She studies Fine Art which, if you didn't know, pretty much gives you free range to work in any medium you want. The three of us sat talking about high-minded uni shit and the possibility of collaboration - she's very interested in film and video as a medium and me and Tim are both very interested in making as many films as we possibly can, you know, for the experience. It was all very pleasant. Rui eventually turned up, and after a little more general discussion she went off to meet a friend at the train station and we set about figuring out what to do our next project on.

I should be doing research. We have a 7-15 minute film to make by the end of this year and we gotta do research over the summer. We've struck upon a great idea (which was actually Rui's idea), which focuses on a field of great interest of mine. I know where to do all the research, what books to read, what to look for on the web, and I could do alot of it sat right here.

In fact, I shall!

Around 3pm a certain someone comes online. Someone whom I especially like talking to, so that's cool. certainly breaks up my day. Until then... research and coffee!