28 May 2004

sometimes I think the most interesting thing about the blogosphere is the gossip on the sex blogs. Everybody loves them. From Belle-du-jour to the now outed Wasingtonienne (link to Wonkette reposts) everybody seems to love reading about other peoples sex lives. Of course, it's even more alluring when the blogger in question is a call girl. Call girls are mysterious. Call girls seem dangerous. Call girls get paid for sex. Ooooh... Taboo! Plus, in my eyes, if you can pull off being a call girl, working a normal job, carrying on with your life, have a relationship and blog the whole thing... That's like uber-sexy and insanely cool.

Of course, it's not all secret call girl confession-time, but these are the blogs that seem to get alot of attension, both in the press and in other people's blogs. Those zany newpapers love to try and figure out the identies of said people, even if they do not want it known, cuz... goddammit! The people have a right to know! And we have the right to sell lots and lots of newspapers! I've thought about selling my body in the past, but I reckon I'd be too choosy. Plus, you should meet the typical humanoid around here.

"Eeew! I am not fucking you! Shell suits are the work of the devil!"
(seriously, townies still wear shell suits in britain)

Not that I'd sell my body in this shitty country. Fucking eeeeeew! If you walk along bute street at night you will see them everywhere, scatty crack whores offering blow jobs and quickies to passers by, to feed their habits for the demon rock. Have I ever talked about the drug situation in Wales? Fucking crack and smack everywhere. Up in the vallies it can be paticularly bad I've heard. Not alot to do up there but fuck and get fucked. I used to go out with a girl from Aberdare and I remember walking to the train station from her place one night and there were drunken assholes everywhere. People puking, screaming, fighting... and it wasn't even friday! Fuck, might of even been monday. The towns in the vallies are not pretty.

Course, get away from the towns up into the hills and woodland and it's all, "oooh... beautiful nature!"

Living in Cardiff is a god send. I seriously don't think I could live anywhere else in wales. For starters, Cardiff is the only real city in the whole fucking country. I mean, you've got Swansea and Newport, but they're both industrial dives. At least Cardiff is kinda pretty, with the castle and all the parkland, not to mention the architecture over in Park Place (where the uni is). Newport is full of theiving townie assholes whom mug my friends for their borrowed uni video cameras and shout abuse as I walk down the street in flared jeans. Of course, you get that abuse everywhere from townies, just because you don't wear the same clothes as they do. Can you fucking blame us? Fucking Reebok classics? *yawn*