04 June 2004

lil cousin shaped fun!

I'm busy scanning a bunch of prints when my little cousin keiran, a tightly coiled spring of hyperactivity and curiousity, comes bounding in full of questions. What's that? What you doing? Why you doing that? Are you going to be a photographer? How do you get paid to be a photographer? and on and on and on... Man, that kid could talk for NATO. Then he tells me he wants to be cameraman or a photographer and I told him he could, that it was easy. All he had to was get a camera. Then I told him about those cheap itty bitty digital cameras that take crappy 640x480 pics and if he could save up the money I'd take him into town to buy one and then show him how to use it to take decent pictures - what with the frame composition, angle, lighting, blah blah blah...

Then he picked up a microphone I had lying around and asked me what that was. I told him and then proceeded to show him how to use sound recorder to make recordings of his voice. Then I burnt them to a CD so he could take it home and play his own voice through his stereo. Then I had to promise him that he could come back some time and we'd make lots of recordings and burn them all to CD so he could take them home, cuz I wanted to go into town to meet chris and have a spliff cuz I really couldn't cope with his limitless energy no more.

Man, sometimes I hate kids.

othertimes they just remind me of me.