08 August 2004


serious brownie points if you can decode the title and tell me which old skool jungle tune featured it as a line.

Ha Ha.

Seriously, I really must tell you all to go check out this blog because it belongs to none other than the mighty nomadic mushroom king himself, Chris. Now, long time readers may remember a series of posts I did that were actually emails that I had recieved from chris from various places around europe, or more recently a post on the joy of folkies and fika. Well, gosh darn it, Chris deserves his own blog, and now he's writing one!

This small lovable stoner has a wealth of knowledge and many many interesting things to say on subjects such a drug use through the ages, anthropology, history, nature, music and paganism... especially paganism, the little 'shroom skoffing shaman runt. Check him out today, add him to yr bookmarks, stick him in yr blogrolls. If this guy ever started a cult I'd probably join. You should too. It'd be alot of fun, I promise you.

See you on the inside.