30 November 2004

*bitch* *bitch* *whine* *whine*

Just a quick post. I've got a 7 page script to bash out from an unfinished treatment. Fun Fun. Just wanted to let you guys know how things went with our character study.

So, we made it by the skin of our teeth, slapped it together in premier, and managed to hand it in on time. Me and mah production group had arranged to meet yesterday in uni to sort out some shit for our realist film, the shoot for which has been pushed back a week due to our location falling through, and I get into uni to discover to my surprise that we had to present our character studies that day. Guess I should pay more attension to the timetable. Anyway, so I rouse the troops just as we're supposed to show ours and we get up in front of everyone and I tell them my little story involving the bitter drunk old man who feebly beat on me, and how we'd turned his character into a farce for shits and giggles. We showed them the film. They went nuts. A laugh riot. Well, we set out to entertain, so I guess we succeeded on that count. Plenty of congratulations afterwards. Felt real cool.

Unfortunately, there is a sinister turn.

The projects were being evaluated by Shafeeq (our second year head-type) and Florence, who is the head of the course.

Lemmie tell you about Florence. She's African and very very serious. Students find it differcult to relate to her due to her terrible seriousness. I've had one run in with her, during the open day lecture, where she said that you couldn't make a film on your own and I said that it was possible and that Kenneth Anger had done it. She said she'd like to see it. It turned out I was wrong, at least about Kenneth Anger. Well, I ain't got no beef with being wrong, it's a little embarassing but it's how you learn, y'know?

And boy, am I learning.

Florence was not amused by our film. She had, and I quote, "A face like a slapped arse" during the screening. The character study does not deal with any serious issues, I guess would be her complaint, plus it's Ageist, or something. Hey, I said it was a farce, that the character was a parody, what more does she want? I'm still kinda pissed off about getting beat on by someone old enough to be my grandfather, you know? I was letting off steam. You can't be serious all the time.

I'm a little wary about second guessing people because it can fuck you up big time, but I got this sick feeling she's gonna make her annoyance audible when it comes to grading. When I think of her I'm reminded of the Miss Ratchet character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest. She's that kinda serious, sinisterly matriarchal and powerful. I really don't want to fuck with her. But if she fucks with me I'm not going to have any choice.

Which would make me the McMurphy character, and we all know what happens to him when he goes toe to toe with his nemesis. (If you don't, trust me, it ain't pretty - go rent the film starring Jack Nicholson and you'll see what I mean)

Okay, sometimes I let my imagination run away with itself, but we'll see how things go...