11 December 2004

Moments before Exodus

I've been going mad. Making films is a motherfucking endurance trial, especially when your being ambitious, actually having a budget, using a professional actor, dealing with locations falling through, working with children, dealing with parents, having to cut your favourite sequences and trying to schedule everything around when people are available. I've been sleeping on Tim's (Tim being my creative partner and fellow Tryptameme production crew member) couch for the past week, not getting much sleep and surviving on noodles, soup, and the odd bag of chips. More details later.

Anyway, we're editing at the moment and I'm just trying to snarf some winston churchill audio and thought I'd post a link to this oilpainting blog I found linked off boingboing where the guy does an oilpainting a day and posts it online. Neat.

Oh yeah, thanks to all the people responsible for keeping my hit count up, even when I haven't posted for over a week. I always thought you guys were fickle. Guess I was wrong. ^_^