02 February 2005

I love you... I love you all!


I can't believe it, I've gotten my first ever useful comment from someone I don't know in reply to one of my posts! I'm so choked up I can barely type. I don't wanna jump the gun here, but it seems to me that l∅ckedinab∅x is becoming scarily like a 'proper' blog (read into that what you will) which is like, oh so cool. Thankyou l3ored ll)reamer who says, in reply to my post about whether or not you can get action figures from dali and escher paintings (okay, so escher did liliographs, stop being pedantic):

You can! The company that do the Bosch figures make a load of stuff, including Dali & Escher - check them all out at:


You don't seem to be able to buy from this site, but there is a list of international suppliers...

So, yeah, that's cool. ^_^