24 May 2005

Alan Moore has given DC and 20th Century Fox the finger over their film adaptations of his comic books

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I'm not really much of an authority on Moore, But I have read V for Vendetta and bits of Watchmen and I can totally say that he's worth every mili-litre of hype that has been bestowed upon him. Alan Moore, for your awesome stories and for giving the corporate entertainment complex the finger, we here at l∅ckedinab∅x salute you!

[ It should be noted that when I say 'we' I actually mean 'I'. It's just, sometimes I like to pretend I'm the CEO of a subversive media empire with hundreds of little miscreants under me running around doing my twisted bidding and following up on trippy and anti-authoritarian stories. I walk around the office in a trilby smoking unfiltered gaulloises and motivating my staff with countercultural slogans and zen koans. I slip speed and 2CI into the water cooler and coffee pot to keep my employees on their toes. Ocassionally I destroy a TV or PC in a violent act of metaphor. I am loved and respected by all who serve me. ]