15 May 2005

BBC boss wants domestic industry to turn away from 'miserabilist' drama

Yes! I've been saying this shit for ages, bitching and whining about the state of british cinema. If it's not miserable as fuck social realist dramas (and, yes, I'm aware that I myself wrote a grim realist short, but it really wasn't my fault it just turned out that way, and anyway, it had a hacker in it which makes it much more interesting than the majority of 'the misery of the working class' movies) it's cheap "Lock Stock" or "Train-spotting" knock-offs (see below). Or maybe a costume drama.

I saw a british film the other day, The Football Factory, adapted by director Nick Love from the novel by John King. It was like a cross between "Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels" and Train-spotting, but with the charm of neither. A film based within the 'subculture' of football hooliganism, there's gratuitious violence a go-go and a quite irritating voice over from the protagonist as he attempts to deal with his pathetic attempt at an existential crisis concerning his thugish activities. Although the film is kinda enganging, the shallow attempts at philosophical depth or morality just seem laughable. Somewhat cringeworthy too.

And Cardiff gets a couple of mentions in the twice repeated list of other football clubs with a 'healthy' hooligan following. Joy.