16 May 2005

Why you so random, jeeves? (AKA it's pseduostreetl∅ckedinab∅xpantomimefun! AKA adamknowsstupidtowniewrdsansomtimes

so, from this day I declare the name 'jeeves' to be the middleclass alternative to the hispanic 'holmes'. On what authority do I do this? I dunno, I just think it'd be funny to have a bunch of white middleclass kids running around calling each other 'jeeves' and pulling out 'gats for fun'...

I used to know this dealer from penarth. He was a muppet, always getting rinsed, but he was pretty well connected. The penarth drug scene was so weird, all these huge houses and coke parties and stoopid 'burb boys trying to play with the big cheese gangster-dealer types. People who would jook you up rather than look at you, 'specially if yr from dat privilaged background.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting was to explain todays tagline, not to create my own little street-level pantomine out of the surreal contents of my head. My ex gf just accused me of it, which is probably the coolest thing she's ever said about me ("I love you" just didn't cut after she turned my heart into a mess of twisted metal and crooked motorwreck bodies, not that I'm bitter, naaaah.); how my mind sometimes opporates seemingly governed by the dice, jumping from thing to thing, like a hyperactive puppy in desperate need of discipline - I think i've kinda proven her point with this post.