05 June 2005

Make Poverty History, or we'll eat your legs!

I've been noticing these funky makepovertyhistory bands on blogs recently and, as I already had the meatspace equivilant wrapped around my wrist (which I have now lost) I figured I'd stick one on here. The best thing is that it's totally possible. Just write off that debt and you'll save millions of lives. The IMF and the world bank are the manifestation of capitalist evilness, are they not? I think I have the majority on my side here, which makes a nice change.

And Labour want to write off Africa's debt, which is a great idea. Thing is, one of the countries opposing this idea is the Americans of the United Stateness (As apposed to the Americans of the Brasilianess or the Americans of the Canada, because isn't America the name of the continent?) which is ironic because, which country has the most people of african decent other than Africa? It's the states isn't it? My god, it is...

So, come on guys, rise up and tell your government that they owe you this much, what with the slavery and persecution and all that, that you want your government to support the obiliteration of Africa's debt. Do it! Do it now! Your motherland needs you!

'Nuff said.

Man, this place is getting terribly political and ethical recently. It's not doing much for my hip, cynical, misanthropic image. I hope this isn't the beginning of a disturbing trend....