05 June 2005

the wackademic endemic

Academics are interesting creatures. No, tell a lie, they're mostly insecure, pedantic, self-absorbed, myopic and boring. But not all of them. I can name a couple who aren't, not that I'm going to. This guy isn't one of them. This guy is obviously a moron. Arguing that Evolution is 'just a theory' when it can be shown clearly that Homo Sapiens evolved from chimpanzees is just plain ignorant. I'm not arguing for a scientific view of the world over a spiritual one, just a little use of logic. It is nice to see Wales mentioned on boingboing, if only because most people don't know where wales is, not out of national pride. I have no national pride. Honest.

The link takes you to a blog post critiquing an essay by a historian in aberystwyth, the university of which has a really good film studies department (so I'm told). This means I don't have to bother really. Not that I was going to.

Something I've noticed about academia in wales, which I learnt through Michael and my own observations, is that it seems to be dominated by marxist thought. Not that there's anything wrong with marxist thought, but it's not very progressive, is it?

Wow, wasn't Marx a beardy, serious looking guy? Very serious and beardy he was.

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