25 August 2005

awesome poem that will eat your fragile mind for breakfast, fool!

Lung mite miss the boat

Lung mite miss the boat and fall under the sea.
Shot milk flies around arteries,
Drug companies cars wars, starwars, intega. lactic acid makes the clouds
roll across the ceiling.
Damp rivers flow down the wall.
Follow the nature to the crystalline carpet forming in the toilet.
Cupboards and cosy dark, chocolate
Green and Black?
Bellybutton mushrooms reveal inner truths like the true artist-
Star in me, foetus womb, vaginas are made of hearts don't you know?
Glowing lava ball smelts on the wall, nippling like the peach wooden
plug clinging too the sky loo tiles.
There's a moving light creature trapped in the bulb, pulsing, pulses?
Two hands become one and nothing,
Formless motion of energy sensation...
Can I touch?

©Ruth Hogg 2004