30 August 2005

Under The Influence
(of CarelessTalkCostsLives )

You know your in trouble when all you really want to listen to is “gallons of rubbing alcohol” over and over again. The secret track on In Utero is really what the album is all about, a big fuckyou to the nevermind generation, teen spirit fed through the twisted electronic mind of a possessed distortion peddle, covered in razor blades and shoved unceremoniously up your arse. It moves into your head and starts tearing down the wallpaper, scribbling toilet wall love odes in the corners and leaving nasty, inexplicable stains all over the carpet. Before you know it you start thinking… Why didn’t they do an entire album like this? Rhythm and Noise, like having your face repeatedly dragged over the fret board of Kurt’s guitar, being launched again and again head first through Dave’s drumkit like a psychotic-groupie crash test dummy, until all that is left of your once elegant features is a blob of bloody play-doh with terrified, disfigured eyes staring out at the world over the swelling. Then you remember that Nirvana haven’t recorded anything since Kurt had his little shaving accident, and that if Rhythm and Noise is to take the genre-led music world by storm then it’s down to you and your little guitar-terrorist friends., the ones who work the nightshift and survive the sickening onslaught of reality only through, one the one hand, blissfully ignoring it, and on the other, wrapping yourself completely and utterly in yours and other peoples art until all that is left of reality is a kind of psychedelic-beige blur that you only catch out of the corner of your eye.

Rock and/or Roll!