09 March 2007


After many million minutes lounging in the blogging limbo of the realworld and sending very little out into that global repository of knowledge, gossip, porn and piracy that we all know and love it has come to my attension that things may be afoot in the vale of Glamorgan... Well, Cardiff anyway. Can't really speak for everywhere else... yet. I find myself in a unique position to begin documenting certain creative endeavours, certain activities and general flourishes of productivity. In this day. In this age. With all these DVD boxsets braying for our eyeballs. Yes, even with a galaxy of glorious distractions to keep us under we are beginning to claw our way back to the surface. Now is the time for action, innit?

To that end I am setting up a community/collective blog whose purpose it will be to profile and highlight all some of the things that are going on in Cardiff that are worthy of attention. It shall be called wEaTeArt and it shall be glorious. right now it's shit though, it's just a blank, unedited template with no posts onit what so ever. This, of course, is merely a temporary state of affairs, and as soon as I've finished fiddling with the template for l∅ckedinab∅x, done some online promotion and refreshed my memory of html and CSS I shall be turning my attention to getting WeAteaRt up off the ground. The first artist I shall be profiling will no doubt be the illimitable onelittlemushroom/Chris ab Alun, whose work I've blogged before in my own shambolic way. A couple of posts down, actually. Check out his myspace for some d'n'b to get yr feet a-shuffling. Watch them spaces, folks.

But what for l∅ckedinab∅x? Well, for now it shall remain as my personal blog where I will post links and writing for yr purusal. Eventually though I hope to resign it to the task of representing my video/filmmaking endevours. That'll probably be some time away though.

Before I go off to fiddle with the template some more I'd just like to say [ hi! ] to the 4 or so hits I still seem to be getting a day. Make yourself comfortable and put your feet up. Things are about to kick off.