09 March 2007

a few things for the clickin'

Well, it wouldn't be much of a blog relaunch without a few links;

Beatnik turtle are a band that definitely remind me of something, but I ain't figured out what yet.... No wait, there's their influences right there on their website! There's a little flash radio player on there so you can check out their music. It ain't half bad; amusing, wry and bouncy. Anyway, they've produced an Indie Band Survival Guide to help you kick off that band you and your friends have been talking about forming for the past 3 years.

( via metafilter )

Also, over on google video for your intertelevisual gratification there's Swear to Tell the Truth, an excellent documentary on outlaw comic Lenny Bruce, who got in so much trouble with the police for speaking his mind you cannot help but admire him. Narrated by Robert Di Niro sounding alot less retarded than he did introducing a season of his films on Film Four recently.

I'm gonna stop now and go for a skate before my computer and the internet once again swallow up all my time like a cumhungry crackwhore on the banks of the river usk.